Zachary Lucky
Friday, September 11 2015, 7/free/all ages

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Ezza Rose Band
Friday, July 24 2015, 8/free/all ages
“The progression from folk to something more closely resembling rock has been organic and fluid like the rest of her history, but she is not without a significant amount of stubborn drive. This latest change is just another indicator that Rose is, above all, a consummate musician.” - Anchorage Press

Melissa Ruth and The Likely Stories
Tuesday, July 14 2015, 7/free/all ages

Malachi Graham
Saturday, June 27 2015, 8pm
Portland-based songwriter Malachi Graham writes lush, intimate Americana inspired by complicated women. It’s no wonder— as the descendant of five generations of formidable, tale-telling Portland women stretching back to the Oregon Trail, Malachi learned early that great stories come from unreliable narrators and that the strongest characters are often the most flawed. Since she started writing songs five years ago, Malachi has drawn on history, poetry, and cinema in character-rich narratives. Her sound has coalesced into something richer than the sum of its parts, her forceful and nuanced electric guitar and vocals working tightly together to tell strikingly sincere stories.

Opera Elect Opera Party
Friday, June 26 2015, 7 pm
College of Idaho senior Zachary Buker and recent graduate Jordan Bowman ’14 share a common dream: to become opera singers and share their passion for music with the world. Together, the duo has formed Opera Elect, a new stage production company based in the Treasure Valley designed to fulfill not only their own dreams, but the dreams of other local artists. “To be successful in life, you have to make your own success,” Bowman said. “If my end goal is eventually to have an opera company, why not start now?” “When I think about Opera Elect, I think of it as opera by the people, for the people,” Bowman said. “The point is to take opera—such an old, old art—and make it into something fun and accessible, more exciting and relatable to the younger generation.”

Jaime Wyatt
Wednesday, June 17 2015, 7pm/Free/All Age
Jaime Wyatt is a striking figure who walks the Earth with an old soul. Her repertoire tells stories of heartbreak and redemption, delivered by a voice that is both rich and magnetic. Comparisons are frequently drawn to Chrissie Hynde, Stevie Nicks and at times she has been anointed a female Tom Petty. Wyatt is a dynamic performer, dually noted as a powerhouse singer and stellar guitar player, sailing between vintage 60’s and 70’s rock n roll anthems and heartfelt ballads of love and confusion.

Blackberry Bushes
Monday, June 08 2015, 7/free/all ages
The Appalachian Mountains are the meeting place of the fiddle and the banjo, and musical culture permeates the entire length of the Mississippi River. Jes Raymond and Jakob Breitbach may have started their musical journey in the rainy bottom of the Puget Sound, but their work is infused with the essence of the homes they wandered West from. Joined by Daniel Ullom on the mandolin and Forrest Marowitz on the upright bass, The Blackberry Bushes draw from the deep roots of American traditional music to create a playful and resonant sound with both twang and sophistication. They are emerging as a band of artists whose Americana is honest and generous with an obvious love of performing, spot on chemistry, and a live show that truly aims to stir the spirit.

Saturday, May 30 2015, 8 pm
Seahorse is Rich Swanger, an Oregon transplant by way of State College, PA. Rich learned harmony and twang via the church pew and his father’s country cover band. George Straight and Hank Jr. gave way to grunge and rock and roll on the way back to an Americana sound drawing from all of the above and then some. Rich adopted the Seahorse moniker in 2004 as a nod to a distinctive, patient and persistent seafarer – a symbol of safe passage and tranquility amongst the unpredictable waters.

Be Calm Honcho
Tuesday, May 26 2015, 7pm
San Francisco quartet Be Calm Honcho is on some kind of genre defying musical mission. “Falling somewhere between dive-bar-stomp and showtune surf” (CMJ) “Be Calm Honcho mixes the warmth of West Coast pop with a heavy dose of jangly indie rock and a pinch of bluesy soul for a sound that’s nothing short of magical.” ( With their debut album released July 2014 on Crossbill Records, Jacob, Mikey, Alex and Shannon have crafted a record that “ranges from aggressive to docile and these kids are just as ready to strike as they are to recoil.”(In Your Speakers)

Colt Haney and Kory Quinn
Friday, May 22 2015, 8pm
Mainstays of the Oregon music scene, Colt Haney (Bitterroot), and Kory Quinn (Kory Quinn and the Comrades) play intense roots music that will keep you involved. Both are used to fronting a band but are equally as comfortable playing acoustic and solo...but expect friends to show up.

Will West and Groovy Wallpaper
Tuesday, May 12 2015, 7/free/all ages
The son of a fiddle player, Will West grew up in eastern North Carolina. Inspired by his parent's vast record collection, he began playing guitar when he was 11 years old. First finding a love for Old-Time Blues and Heavy Metal music. Will began to sing and write his own music during his college years at UNC Chapel Hill. After earning a degree in Chemistry at UNC, Will loaded up his dog, his guitar and handful of original songs and moved to Portland, Oregon in the Summer of 2002. From his humble beginnings busking on downtown sidewalks and exploring open-mics, Will West has been on a steady climb in this rich Northwest music scene

Red Jacket Mine w/Misty Mouth
Friday, May 08 2015, 8pm
Need your 70?s vintage rock fix? Look no further than Seattle’s own Red Jacket Mine. Their pop-rock-blues-soul fusion hearkens back to the days when Elvis Costello and Squeeze ruled the charts. In an age where it seems like every musician is angry about something, Red Jacket Mine’s knack for writing a catchy, upbeat pop song is quite the welcome change of pace.

John Moreland w/Misty Mouth
Saturday, May 02 2015, 8 pm/free
Some days, being John Moreland has to hurt. As others bury experiences and stifle regrets, Moreland pokes old wounds until you’re sure they’ve got to be bleeding again. It’s painful. But in Moreland’s care, it’s also breathtakingly beautiful. With the release of his highly anticipated third solo album High on Tulsa Heat (out April 21st via Thirty Tigers), he offers another round of the lyrics-first, gorgeously plaintive songs that have earned him devoted listeners across the country. Moreland started writing when he was 10 years old, the same year his family moved from Kentucky, to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he still lives today. He turns 30 this year, but he’s been slinging songs for more than half his life. He started fronting local punk and hardcore bands in high school. After graduation, he had an epiphany. “I’d just overexposed myself to punk and hardcore to the point that it just didn’t do anything for me anymore,” he says. The remedy? He ditched his music for his dad’s: CCR, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Steve Earle.

Bart Budwig
Tuesday, April 28 2015, 7/free/all ages
Bart Budwig grew up on the Idaho Palouse, with a pawn shop trumpet and a heart as big as a skyscraper - if skyscrapers knew how to be humble. Bart learned melody from classic jazz charts, and learned that fault-lines in big hearts create drifting continents, cut new oceans and forge new mountains. Everyone close to him disappeared, whether to death or Texas, and from Texas he got a letter from Waylon Jennings entreating him to pick up a guitar and a pen.

Pete Krebs and The Earnest Lovers
Friday, April 17 2015, 8 pm
Brought to you by the Pendleton Real West Film Festival. It is really no surprise that this sextet has been able to accomplish so much in such a short span of time - their first gig was at the 2014 Pickathon and their concert calendar is absolutely packed with dates - considering the pedigrees of its membership. Krebs is of course best known for his days in the pioneering indie rock bands Hazel and the Gossamer Wings, but is also a well-respected jazz guitarist with a love for the gypsy stylings of Django Reinhardt. Miller is a veritable institution having gotten his start playing with punk legends Poison Idea and now showcasing his guitar mastery in groups like Lisa and her Kin and his Twin Tele Duo. As well, Beia has been a fixture in honky tonks and county fairs around the State with her country duo Copper & Coal. These kids have the chops to play most anything but they’ve chosen to devote their considerable skills to the sounds of vintage country fare. And let me tell you, friends, they’ve chosen well.

Miss Lonely Hearts
Wednesday, April 15 2015,
It’s a misnomer to say that the boys in Miss Lonely Hearts have a finger on the pulse of the Nor Cal country music scene, rather, they’ve been its lifeblood since the release of their sophomore effort, “Crying Bottle Blues” in 2012. With their hard driving honkey tonk sound, MLH has packed bar rooms and dance halls all up and down the West Coast, and opened for nationally touring acts like The Devil Makes Three, Eileen Jewel, and Brothers Comatose.

Donna Herula
Monday, April 13 2015, 7pm
Donna Herula is a blues slide guitar player and singer from Chicago that plays Delta, country and modern blues styles. She was the co-winner of the 2010 and 2011 Windy City Blues Society Blues Challenge, Solo-Duo Category, and a semi-finalist at the 2012 International Blues Challenge. She was also a semi-finalist in the 2012 Yamaha Six String Theory international guitar competition. An accomplished slide guitarist, Donna headlined the 2014 Durban International Blues Festival in South Africa. She has performed multiple times at the Chicago Blues Festival – in 2009, performing a solo tribute for slide guitar master Robert Nighthawk’s centennial celebration. She also performed as part of a Robert Nighthawk symposium for the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, Arkansas (Nighthawk’s hometown). BMCC has brought Donna to Pendleton as part of their Arts and Culture Festval.

The Heligoats w/Isaac Pierce
Friday, March 27 2015, 8pm
The Heligoats' Chris Otepka writes songs that are brainy in the best way: clever without straining for cuteness, wry but never smug. Ideas flow out of him in a barrage, which means that a song about science — like "I'm Pretty Sure I Can See Molecules," by his ludicrously underappreciated former band Troubled Hubble — ultimately unfurls into a knockout commentary on what we're made of, what our lives mean, and how the two notions intersect. Listen to great songwriting collide with fine musicianship Friday the 27th.

Jeffrey Martin
Wednesday, March 25 2015, 7pm
Jeffrey Martin is a folk singer in the purest form, combining lyrics music and passion into something much larger. He's a man who knows how to drive his point home.

Misty Mouth w/Drunk Language
Saturday, March 14 2015, 7 pm
Misty Mouth will be playing their first show the 14th at the GP. They have a great Indie-Roots sound featuring guitar, cello, bass and drums. Opening will be another local music project, Drunk Language. Come see their first probably know most of these guys.

Early St. Patrick's Day celebration
Friday, March 13 2015, 7 pm
Friday, the 13th get lucky with the GP and kick off the St Pat's week in style...with our annual party with The Irish Singers! If you've been here before, you know to get here early. Dancing, sing-a-longs and great music!

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